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Application and Registration

  • Applications for summer Catalan and Spanish language courses at the Universitat Jaume I should be made online between 15 January and 13 June 2011.

  • To be able to register for a course, applicants must present a certificate confirming they have reached the level of proficiency below the course they wish to take. If this is not possible, they may take a level placement test on the first day of the course.

  • The registration process is considered to be completed when the application has been made and the course fees paid. Confirmation will be given via electronic message from the University.

  • Places are limited. They will be allocated strictly by order of registration and payment.

  • Students register at their own risk and must be aware of and respect the conditions established in these regulations and in the University standards of behaviour.

  • Registration entitles students to attend the scheduled classes, receive the corresponding course materials, obtain a certificate of attendance and, if appropriate, achievement, and use the university facilities and services during the course period, with the same conditions as the other students.

  • When the course is full, a waiting list will be created in case there are any cancellations..

  • Participants may undertake optional additional activities for which they must bear any corresponding costs.

  • Participants are responsible for finding their own accommodation.

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  • Registration fees are 425 euros (if the enrolement is between 15 January and 13 March 2011) and 475 euros (if the enrolement is between 14 March and 13 June 2011), which must be paid in full into the following bank account.

Bank: Bancaixa
Account number: 2077-0580-43-3106383653
IBAN: ES82 2077 0580 4331 0638 3653

  • Applicants must indicate their full name on the bank receipt and the following code: cece09.

Completing the registration process

  • Once the online form has been completed, fees must be paid within 7 days from the date of registration.

  • A copy of the receipt of the payment and (except for levels A1 and A2) of the language proficiency certificate must then be submitted to, to fax number +34 964 728 838 or to the following postal address: Universitat Jaume I; CAL (edifici de la biblioteca); avinguda de Sos Baynat, s/n; 12006 Castelló de la Plana.

  • If the registration fees are not paid within the established 7-day period, the registration will be considered null and void.

Registration cancellation

  • Students enrolled on these courses may request cancellation of their registration and reimbursement of the fees paid prior to 11 June in the case of serious illness. This must be confirmed by the corresponding medical certificate stating the date the illness was detected and the period of convalescence.

  • If the number of students registered is below 12, the course may be cancelled. Those registered on the course will be entitled to reimbursement of the registration fees paid, or they may register on another course.


  • The Universitat Jaume I will only issue attendance certificates to students who have attended 80% of the classes.

  • If they also pass the course assessment, they will be issued a certificate of achievement-proficiency from the Universitat Jaume I. This certificate will also state the number of class hours and the course objectives.

  • Certificates will be presented on 23 July 2010.

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